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This page is a translated version of the page Accueil and the translation is 100% complete.

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Wiki about luthiery of acoustic guitars. Tools, plans of folk, gypsy and classical guitars, detailed instructions of the classical guitar building process

Acoustic guitars building

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Quick look

What is this website ? What is its purpose ? How to contribute ?

Introductory chapter

Before starting to build a guitar, it is important to have a good knoledge of the instrument. This part of the wiki is aimed to that. Why building a guitar ? What is composed of ? With what kind of woods ? Which tools are needed ? How to sharp them ?

The answers to these questions may be found in this chapter

Be aware that it is important to have as much as information sources, websites, books ; and if possible to first read the books you'll buy from start to beginging (in order to have an expanded vision of the building process).


You may however keep in mind that making a guitar using different methods taken from various books can be dangerous for the guitar consistency if all the potencial consequences of your choices are not well known.

You'll find in this chapter all the plans and the templates that are necessary to build a guitar (solera plan, external shape of the guitar, plan of the braces of Robert BOUCHET, plan of the tailblock, the fingerboard, the head etc.)

It is possible to realize a guitar without having a full plan of the instrument. Many measures are common to most guitars or calculable (like the frets position). The explanations and the plans extracts that are given here will be detailed enough.

The templates and the plans that are gathered in the chapters plans and templates are shown directly in the chapters of the part dedicated to the guitar building process when they're needed

Building an acoustic guitar

This part aims to present in a structured document as complete as possible the acoustic guitar building process - For now, only the classical guitar is explained but many steps are common to the two kinds of intruments.

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Each chapter describes the main steps and have also detailed articles that permit to make a focus on particular aspects. A lot of pictures are here to illustrate and clarify the text.

Useful informations

To conclude, a third part gathers various useful informations such as a bibliography, some links, etc.